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Founded in 2006, Storm Capital Management is an independent asset management company owned by its partners. The company is based in Oslo and focus exclusively on the management of Storm Bond Fund, a Nordic Corporate Bond Fund (UCITS). We are regulated by the Financial Supervisory Authority of Norway (organisational number: 989 309 439).


YTD -7.7%

12 MND -6.5%

3 YEARS (P.A.) 0.2%

update Latest performance as of 20.10.2020

Storm Bond Fund

Storm Bond Fund is a Nordic Corporate Bond Fund that was incepted in September 2008. The fund has a SICAV/UCITS structure and is domiciled in Luxembourg. The fund invest in corporate bonds, predominantly focusing on the High Yield space in the Nordic markets. Fully hedged share classes are available in the following currencies: NOK, SEK, EUR, CHF, USD and GBP.

Concentrated, but diversified across industries

We rely on a fundamental investment process as capital preservation and avoiding permanent losses is key to our management style. A concentrated portfolio across number of holdings is therefore considered crucial.

Adjusting duration with floating rate notes

The Nordic Corporate Bond Market has both floating and fixed rate notes, which makes it easier to adjust duration accordingly.

Aligned interest with our clients

The portfolio managers and other key employees are heavily invested in the fund, as we believe aligned interests to be key.

Transparent reporting

We emphasize the importance for clients to be well informed.

Our Team

Morten E. Astrup


Morten has more than 25 years of financial and asset management experience with focus on the Nordic markets. He founded Storm Capital Management in 2006 and has experience from a wide range of sectors and strategies. Morten holds a MSc in Business and Economics from the Norwegian Business School (BI). He is the executive Chairman of Storm Bond Fund and has been one of the largest investors in the fund since inception.


Morten Venold


Morten has 10 years of brokerage and research experience. Prior to joining Storm, he worked as a credit research analyst at Arctic Securities in Oslo, covering High Yield bonds in the Nordics. Before that he worked for ABG Sundal Collier and DNB in London. Morten holds a BSc in Business and Economics from the Norwegian Business School (BI), and a MSc in Finance from Cass Business School in London.


Marcus S. Mohr


Marcus has 9 years of experience from business development and investment banking. Before he joined Storm, Marcus worked in the investment banking division at Citigroup in London. He holds a MSc in Finance and Economics from the University of Strathclyde (completed with distinction).

email LinkedIn phone_iphone +47 951 35 853

Kristoffer Holmen


Kristoffer has 5 years of experience from auditing and compliance. Before he joined Storm he worked as a state authorised auditor at PwC in Oslo. He holds a BSc in Business and Administration, and a MSc in Auditing and Accounting from the Norwegian School of Economics (NHH). He also holds three years of law school at the University of Oslo, covering private law, public law and contract law.

email LinkedIn phone_iphone +47 928 14 862

Tore Andersen


Tore has more than 20 years of experience from fund selection, sales and marketing. Prior to Storm, Tore worked for an independent financial consultancy that acquired Axir ASA (an independent financial consultancy in Norway founded by Tore in 1995). He holds a BSc in Marketing from the Norwegian Business School (BI).

email LinkedIn phone_iphone +47 920 35 908

Berit Margrethe Ishaug


Berit has 30 years of experience from accounting. Before joining Storm, she was an accountant at the Nordic investment bank Arctic Securities in Oslo. She holds a BSc in Business and Economics from the Norwegian Business School (BI).


Board of Directors

The Board of Directors consist of qualified professionals with key knowledge about asset management and the financial markets in the Nordics. We utilise their knowledge and network actively.

Erik M. Mathiesen


Erik has vast experience from asset management, both from an operational and the board side. He currently sits on the boards of Polarcus (listed on Oslo Stock Exchange) and Segulah (a Swedish Private Equity fund) among others. He have also held senior roles at Siem Industries (a family office).

Ragnar Sjoner


Ragnar has been fundamental in the development of the Nordic Corporate Bond market.

He founded Nordic Trustee in 1993 (a bond trustee in the Nordics) and was the CEO until he sold the company in 2016.
Ragnar sits on several boards in Nordics.

Bertel O. Steen


Bertel is a principal of Steen Family Office. Before starting in the family office, he worked for the Nordic investment Bank RS Platou Markets, focusing on bonds and equities. He holds several board positions in the Nordics. 

Ulrik Otto Engelschion


Ulrik currently works with financing in the oil & gas, shipping and infrastructure sector. He has a broad experience in financial markets from companies such as RS Platou Markets and Sparebank 1 Markets.

Morten E. Astrup


Morten is the CIO and founding partner in Storm Capital Management. He has more than 20 years of financial and asset management experience with focus on the Nordic markets.

Latest News

UNPRI signatory

Storm Capital Management has successfully been approved as a signatory of the United Nations' Principles of Responsible Investments Read more

Published on: 22-03-2019

Storm Bond Fund won prestigious award

We proudly announce that Storm Bond Fund won the prestigious Investor Choice Awards in the category: “Long Only Credit Fund of the year”. Read more

Published on: 03-04-2017

Press release as of 5th January 2017

Morten E. Astrup has bought Erik Mathiesen’s stake in Storm Capital Management, thus taking ownership of 100% of the company. Read more

Published on: 05-01-2017

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